Modular production facilities

For non-explosive components

Capacity up to
50 thousand tons

Standard design of non-explosive components modular production facilities includes 4 modules on the basis of heat-insulated 40 feet sea container:

  1. Preparation and storage of the oxidant solution
  2. Heating of components and preparation of the fuel solution
  3. Emulsification with a section for electrical components
  4. Heating of components and preparation of gas-generating solutions GGD-1, GGD-2 and aqueous lubrication solution
    1. There is no need for permanent structures
      And they can be quickly assembled near the production site, and afterwards moved to the other site

      The plant is equipped by the automated control system which monitors a technical process

      The modular container line is not a stationary facility, therefore, it is permitted for industrial use as the process equipment.

      The modular container line can be installed on almost any convenient site provided that water and electricity are supplied, furthermore the line can be equipped with a diesel steam generator in case of a blackout.