Simple engineering marvel


Cost-efficient option

for small mining companie

  1. Standard MEMU is intended for the manufacture, delivery and further charging to the holes of the simple prilled explosives according to the ANFO (AmmoniumNitrateFuelOil) recipe
  2. Vehicle consists of standard detachable equipment with 10 tons maximum loading capacity for components and KAMAZ standard vehicle with maximum loading capacity for components arising to 10 tons.
  3. Detachable unit includes: ammonium nitrate hopper, diesel fuel tank, auger system, hydraulic system, crane manipulator, control panel, etc.
  4. Design is fully fits for both manual and automatic control
  5. Vehicle chassis passes the preparation on MEMU according to ADR. They are serial equipment at production site.


  • Component loading capacity
    10 000 kg
  • Ammonium nitrate hopper with capacity not less than (provided that porous ammonium nitrate is charged with bulk density factor equal to 780 km/m3)
    9 400 kg
  • Capacity of diesel fuel (liquid component) fits in not less than
    600 kg
  • Hole charging capacity (changed from control panel)
    200-300 kg/min
  • Crane manipulator
  • Length does not exceed
    8 300 mm
  • The width does not exceed
    2 550 mm
  • The height does not exceed
    3 900 mm
  • Actuator for Explosives charging
    Upper rotating auger
  • Сrane manipulator for AN charging from plastic big bag, weighing 1000 kg
    After the driver’s cabin
  • Vehicle chassis
    KAMAZ 65111
  • Chassis configuration
  • Requirements compliance